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Discover the Future of B2B Lead Generation

webAI Lead redefines how businesses identify and connect with potential B2B leads. Our advanced AI system scans over 20 million company websites across Europe and North America every month, delivering up-to-date contact information, company activities, product offerings, and website technologies.

Tailored Lead Discovery:

Customize your search with specific keywords and website technologies to target the most relevant companies in any region. With webAI Lead, you can easily explore potential leads and make data-driven decisions to boost your sales strategy.

Efficient and Accurate:

Save up to 99% of research time compared to manual web searches. Our platform filters out non-active companies, ensuring you focus on viable, active leads. Benefit from our free keyword search without the constraints of preset keywords, and only pay for what you need with our usage-based export pricing model.

Streamlined Sales Process:

From discovering new leads to enriching your CRM, webAI Lead provides a comprehensive platform for all your B2B lead generation needs. Our technology not only identifies potential leads but also tracks website technologies, giving you an edge in understanding your prospects' digital footprint.

Join the Lead Revolution:

Start for free and experience how webAI Lead can transform your lead generation process. Our friendly team is ready to demonstrate the powerful features of our platform and collaborate on your specific use case.

WebAI Lead gives you instant access to information on relevant leads:
Explore 20 million companies in any region
Search with any keywords and by website technologies


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Your benefits

Save 99% research time compared to manual web search1.

Benefit from truly free keyword search and don't be restricted by preset keywords.

20 times fewer non-active companies compared the others2.

Only pay for what you really need with our usage-based export pricing model.

1Compared to manual research of company websites with estimated 2 minutes per website.
2Because we scan each company once a month, companies that are no longer active are automatically filtered out. Based on our own surveys, 20-30% of non-active companies can be found in the databases of comparable providers.


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