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webAI Finder is redefining large-scale business information retrieval and use case specific problem-solving. Tailoring our service to each client's unique needs, webAI Finder operates based on a specific problem statement or use case provided by the customer. Our sophisticated AI technology is adept at scanning over 20 million company websites across Europe and North America. But we go beyond just web data - we also integrate location information, company network analytics, and satellite data. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver a rich array of insights, customized to address the specific challenges and queries of our clients. With webAI Finder, businesses and organizations receive precisely the information they need, compiled and analyzed to offer actionable solutions.

Customized Intelligence Gathering:

Dive deeper with tailored searches using our webAI Finder. Harness the power of web data, location data, company networks, and satellite imagery to uncover detailed insights into any industry worldwide. Our technology adapts to your unique problem statements, providing a rich, data-driven perspective for strategic decision-making.

Precision and Depth:

Achieve unparalleled efficiency with our webAI Finder, saving you up to 99% of the time compared to manual research. We filter through the noise, focusing only on active, relevant data points. Our platform's precision allows you to bypass irrelevant results, powered by custom algorithms that ensure accuracy down to the finest detail.

Complete Data Solutions:

Streamline your information acquisition process with webAI Finder. From fulfilling academic research to enhancing public sector databases, our system offers a one-stop solution for all your data needs. Experience the synergy of AI with human expertise, as we track and analyze data from web to satellite, delivering actionable insights.

Empower Decision-Making

Discover the future of targeted data analysis with webAI Finder. Our platform doesn’t just collect data—it interprets and adapts to your unique use case, equipping you with the advanced insights necessary to make informed decisions with confidence.

WebAI Insights synergizes AI with human expertise and comprehensive data sources:


Step 1

Book your
free demo.

Our friendly team shows you the features of the webAI platform in a live demo. We work on your use case together and share free preview data with you.


Step 2

Share your
use case.

Share your specific use case with our team of experts. We customize your individual webAI Finder and analyze millions of data points just for you.


Step 3

your solution.

WebAI Finder provides you with a rich, data-driven perspective for strategic decision-making.

Learn more about the groundbreaking technology behind webAI Lead.​

Take a look at example use cases to see how webAI Finder can be used to solve your problem.

Your benefits

Save 99% research time compared to manual web search1.

Benefit from truly free keyword search and don't be restricted by preset keywords.

20 times fewer non-active companies compared the others2.

Only pay for what you really need with our usage-based export pricing model.

1Compared to manual research of company websites with estimated 2 minutes per website.
2Because we scan each company once a month, companies that are no longer active are automatically filtered out. Based on our own surveys, 20-30% of non-active companies can be found in the databases of comparable providers.


Learn more about the technology, use cases and the team behind webAI.