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Global users from all industries trust ISTARI.AI data

webAI Platform for Comprehensive Business Intelligence

We at ISTARI.AI redefine business intelligence with our state-of-the-art AI system, webAI. Our platform is a fusion of our flagship products - webAI Lead, webAI Insights and webAI Finder - each designed to offer unique and powerful insights into the business world.

webAI Lead: Perfect B2B leads

Elevate your lead generation with precision. Our webAI Lead product empowers you to discover the perfect leads tailored to your business needs, using advanced keyword, technology, and regional filters. Get started for free.

Get started for free.

webAI Insights: Deep market intelligence

Dive deep into market intelligence with webAI Insights. Gain a nuanced understanding of industry dynamics, company networks, and emerging trends, all underpinned by our rigorous science-based approach.

webAI Finder: Complete data solutions

webAI Finder is redefining large-scale business information retrieval and use case specific problem-solving. Tailoring our service to each client's unique needs, webAI Finder operates based on a specific problem statement or use case provided by the customer.

Learn more about the groundbreaking technology and science behind webAI.​

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Our webAI Solutions for Your Industry

B2B Companies

Use webAI for lead generation, competition analysis, supplier discovery, and trend monitoring.


Use webAI for industry analysis, strategy customization, innovation discovery, and market monitoring.


Use webAI for policy evaluation, impact monitoring, and evidence based policy making.

Regional Economic Developers

Use webAI for regional analysis, benchmarking, emerging technology mapping, and company networking.


Use webAI for academic research, time-series analysis, technology diffsion mapping, and contract research.