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webAI Changelog

September 2023

  • Chat Helper: With the new update we introduce the alpha version of our webAI Chat Bot. The chat bot helps generating queries for the webAI platform. The user’s search query can be provided to the Chat Bot written in natural language and it will then return a matching KQL query that can be entered by the user in the webAI platform. The chat bot can be accessed directly from the dashboard via a new button. 

  • Contact data: With the new update, more contact information has been implemented. Besides the already known “main_contact_mail”, the new field “all_mails” has been added, which contains all email addresses listed on the website. Additionally, a new field “main_contact_number” has been added, which contains the main contact phone number listed on the website. Additionally, all other phone numbers that have been detected can be found in the “all_phones” column. The logic for extracting the phone numbers is a first version that will provide even better results in the future.

  • Domain provider: With the new update, we unlock a “Domain Provider Filter”, which is selectable via a drop-down menu. This new indicator shows whether the corporate website under consideration is the website of a domain provider (value “1”) or not (value “0”). This indicator is relevant because corporate websites are sometimes no longer operated by the companies and are then offered for sale by domain providers with placeholder websites. If you want to exclude them, you can use this new filter.

  • Export function: Due to technical constraints, the CSV export function has been limited to about 5000 entries. We are working on a new solution that will be implemented with the October update. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and recommend to use a workaround where you partition the search hits by region and download them one after the other (e.g. by federal states in Germany) until the next update.

  • Indicator levels: All of our web-based indicators are now reported as “levels” rather than as difficult-to-interpret continuous variables. For example, an “AI Intensity” of 1.2 is now indicated as “very high”.

  • InnoProb innovation indicator: Our InnoProb innovation indicator is now displayed in the platform’s Main Table. InnoProb is currently only available for the German-speaking countries Germany and Austria.

  • Location-based indicators: With this update we implement our first location-based indicators (currently only available for Europe). Based on OpenStreetMap data, we calculate location indicators for each company relating to the availability of public transport, as well as the local availability of cultural facilities, recreational facilities and leisure facilities. More information can be found here:

  • North America: With the new update, we are expanding the webAI platform to include companies from the United States and Canada. In total, we query about 18 million corporate websites, of which about 13 million are still operating and queryable. These companies can now be searched in the webAI Global Insights Starter and Professional plans.

  • Retail filter: With the new update we unlock a “Retail Filter”, which is selectable via a drop-down menu. This new indicator shows the probability that the company website under consideration is an online store.

  • Safari browser: To use the webAI platform via Apple’s Safari browser, the latest Safari version is required. Outdated versions will result in the platform not loading.

  • Simplified access: After logging in to the webAI platform, you are redirected straight to the dashboard.