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Detailed location analysis with webAI

Sebastian Schmidt

ISTARI.AI uses detailed geodata to analyse the transport, leisure, cultural and infrastructural services offered by individual business locations.

01. April 2023

fields of application
diverse, high-resolution
information by OpenStreetMap

Nowadays, more and more publicly available data sources exist from which insightful information on human activity can be derived. For geospatial data, OpenStreetMap is a prime example of such a database that provides detailed and reliable information.


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a platform founded in 2004 on which freely available geodata are created and made freely available. As with Wikipedia, for example, any user can enter data for this purpose, which is then checked by the community. Based on certain guidelines, this has resulted in an enormous, worldwide wealth of data that has already been used in many scientific studies. A wide range of information can be derived from OSM, for instance on the topics of traffic infrastructure, leisure activities or urban structure at a given location. The high quality of OSM data, also in comparison to commercial data sets, has been confirmed repeatedly.

We at ISTARI.AI have already made use of OSM data in several studies. In a microgeographic study on the location choices of software companies in Germany, we used OSM to derive infrastructural variables (Kinne & Resch 2017). We also drew on this source in our study on sustainable blockchain companies in the US (Sustainable Blockchain Companies in the US). For example, we were able to assess the transportation connectivity of businesses based on OSM data.

These detailed information are available to all our customers from this point on in our Dashboard. Book a free demo to explore, for example, the transport infrastructure or the range of leisure facilities at each individual company location, down to the meter.


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  2. Kinne & Resch 2017

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