The advantages

 The concept of webAI

The web is full of useful information about companies, but only a fraction of this information can be found in traditional company databases. The webAI scans company websites, analyzes and recognizes relevant information and provides the data in real time.

Traditional economic data from manual research is often outdated – webAI provides data in real-time.

Daten from manual research:
  • Slow and rigid.
  • Often outdated.
  • Hardly customizable.
  • Low coverage.
Daten from AI-automated research:
  • Fast and scalable.
  • Highly adaptable.
  • Real-time insights.
  • High coverage.

This is how webAI can be used

The application purposes of webAI are unlimited. We give you some examples

Real-time market analysis

  • Function: We permanently scan millions of company websites and use AI systems to analyze the activities of companies with regard to their skills, technologies used, as well as products and services offered. In this way we generate market information for our customers in real time.
  • Benefit: Identification and filtering (shortlisting) as well as matching of relevant companies according to the individual criteria of our customers, trend and technology diffusion analyses.

Analysis of corporate networks

  • Function: We permanently scan millions of company websites and record the names of other companies as well as hyperlinks to their websites. We evaluate these relationships automatically and thus map regional and international company networks.
  • Benefit: Mapping of companies to company networks, identification of central players, internationalization analyses, investigation of partner, cooperation and competitor networks.

Evaluation of companies

  • Function: With our intelligent analysis systems, we evaluate the content of company websites and their technical framework. Based on this information, we calculate scientifically proven  (see publications) and easy-to-interpret indicators, for example on the innovativeness of a company or its degree of digitalization.
  • Benefit: Identification of innovative companies and regional innovation systems.

Individual webAI analyses

  • Function: We adapt our dynamic analysis models to the specific questions of our customers. This enables us to provide fast and reliable answers to urgent questions.
  • Benefit: Comprehensive and timely processing of individual questions. For example, within a few days we have developed a reliable system for forecasting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on 1.2 million German companies. (press)
Access provides decision makers with direct access to webAI information.

The platform, planned for 2022, provides access to a wide range of real-time corporate information. Analyze and monitor the international technology and market environment and search specifically for companies based on individual criteria or documents (e.g. patents or technology documents).